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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
not to bad, from my experience. how close are you to E30? did you base it on E85 (85% Ethanol) and Pump 91 or 93 being 10%? What was your blend?


it is best to reset the log lists and add STFT and LTFT bank 1 is fine. I would like to see the TPS, Throttle Position. To ensure you are not getting any throttle closures. you want to see 80.98 all the way from WOT.

it is a bit normal to see timing correction after shift into 4th. Having timing corrections across 3 or less @ 3.38* and lower is ok. Assuming this was a 3rd gear pull into 4th? I would keep an eye on Cyl #4, if it consistent with over 3.38 try swapping the coil to another cyl. and see if it follows, if so get a new coil, if not, it may be a SP. but really you are ok, especially if you had not got any misfires. Just keep an eye. I was getting close to 6* and getting misfires.

Also, if you are good with ATR you can adjust the fuel scaler, but that is out of my comfort zone.

Also here is a good read:
Thank you very much for taking the time to look! It's awesome to have someone else looking.

My blend has been 4 gallons of E85 and 10 gallons of 93. I used a 10% 93 octane factor on one of the online mixture calculators, What channel would you recommend removing, because I'm at the limit as-is. It was a 3rd gear pull into 4th.