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Probably going a new route with my exhaust...

So, i'm closing in on the day i put in my headers (MMW) and decided i'm going to re-route my exhaust all together and come out as 3.5" quads in the back...

The exit tube of the headers is 2.5" diameter. I'm going to weld my OEM flanges to them. From there, route 2.5" piping into Flowmaster mufflers (mid way through the piping). The exhaust will still be individual to each header (no connecting; i.e. x-pipe, h-pipe, y-hipe, etc.). From the mufflers, will exit 3" piping and split ways at the rear differential, each going to the rear of the bumper on opposite sides. The pipes will be coming up at an angle to show off the actual black chrome display that will be the tips. The pipe will split before connecting to these tips as y-pipes and will piece the dual 3.5" tips to each end (making FAT quads). The tips are also angle-cut, therefore i will turn the outward most part of the tips inwards toward the center of the car about 30 degrees, giving the appearance of the exhaust facing outwards from the vehicle.

I submitted a ticket to Flowmaster to get their advice on a good mid-muffler; waiting to hear back from them. This design (minus the quad tips) using a mid-muffler is very popular among inline 6's used in 68 mustangs and that era of muscle cars and they sound great... i'm not 100% devoted to this design yet until i hear back some professsional advice about the sound i'm trying to acquire....

What do you guys think?
[sorry, no pics at the moment and nothing to reference to either because no one has this rear end quad exhaust that i see]