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320i too slow. I'm not sure!!!

I have read a few posts where people claim the 320i is just too slow. I have just come from an R32 [250bhp] to the E92 320i [170bhp] and I find my E92 is more than enough. The thing I did learn was to drive it differently. Bury your right foot in the carpet with the R32 and the power was there. Do the same in the E92 and nothing happens, however if I ease my foot on the accelerator and press with a small degree of assertiveness I find I am up to 60, 70, 80 with a fair good pace. Overtaking, drop it in to tiptronic and work the box and everything is quite lively.

Does anyone agree with me or at [46] am I just getting to old and my poor old body is just at one with the more leisurely pace of the 170bhp unit!!