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Originally Posted by cityazndan View Post
Haha I think you got it backwards.

E92 pre lci and lci, hood doesnt matter. (coupe)
E90 pre lci and lci, hood matters. (sedan)

Correct me if I'm mistaken...pre-lci guys are pretty limited to hood options. either paint the mustache portion (upper) matte black or get the hideous m3 replica hoods. I HATE the bulge imo. Yes, it has to be done on a m3 because of engine location but not in a 335i.

EDIT- On the off chance I am wrong, do they do a FRP version?
Yes they do a FRP version as far as i know and Yes you are wrong, the E92 Pre LCI lights are shaped different than the new LCI so the hood is different around the grill/headlight area. And pre LCI guys are not limited to hood options, they make quite a few if you do a search.