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First off, the cost of the car itself. I buy on finance so the car is significantly more expensive, therefore the monthly cost is more. Yes I could buy an older car, but that's not comparing apples with apples. Neither would it be for a cash sale for a fixed amount as th 335 would be older, more miles etc.

Second the insurance group is higher. Therefore insurance is higher. I haven't quoted it directly but it will be more. Again comparing cars of same age.

Can you beat my 125 a year road tax? both my CTR and MCS were twice that.

I get 35mpg jus now from my 20 mile a road and town commute. I've a worse from all previous cars. I seriously doubt I'd see that from a 335i

I'm not trying to pick a fight - you're tryin to prove that the 335i is better than mine so are actually proving my point. Clearly on performance it is, but in other areas it isn't as good, otherwise why wouldnt everyone buy one!?