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some perspective

It seems like everytime one of these threads come up- it becomes an opportunity for people to bash on the 335 or say 328 is better for whatever reason. Does the 335 have the potential for problems- absolutely. Have they made an attempt to deal with them- for the most part i think they have with the extended fuel pump warranty and wastegate warranty. Coming from the world of infiniti and nissan, i never thought that bmws were reliable- but they are well built cars that deliver driving satisfaction. This is a production twin turbo car people, not a camry or honda vtech engine for people that never even look under the hood. Can you imagine the reliability rating the toyota Supra twin turbo would have gotten if it had been made in the numbers that the 335 has? the fact that this car even got made is impressive to me. If i want basic transportation, i have a 12 year old Nissan pathfinder (also listed as a used car to has been very reliable except for the o2 sensors which was fixed by a ecu flash). My first 335 had zero problems in the two years i had it( not a long stretch by any means) and i drove it pretty hard. I'm hoping this second one with cpo warranty is the same- but either way i'm glad i have it as cars are getting too watered down to basic appliances that have no personality. I think the initial fuel pump problem skewed the results to what is otherwise a great car for the money. Should people buy them used with no warranty? I would say no but i would say that for any expensive german import. i'm not drinking kool aid here- just stating that the N54 is a great engine and properly taken care of is quite solid.
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