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Thanks for the compliments. Ya I asked them to cover shipping. The car was about $33000 and they knocked about $2200 off total and that included shipping. I thought of driving as well but just don't have the time. That will be fun though.

35% sounds good but might be a little light with the tan seats.

Doe anyone know anything about lowering??

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Hi. Very Nice combination indeed!
Question for you - you are having it shipped from Alberta I'm guessing from the "BMW Edmonton" sign - I just did something similar from Newfoundland to Ontario, but I'm going to pick it up myself to enjoy the drive. I presume you had to negotiate that as part of the deal? NL to ON is apparently $1400 if I were to have them ship it. I would be interested how you got the dealerships to cooperate on such a thing.

Thoughts on how to spend more money on her?
Mostly mentioned already - 35% tint all around, wheels, drop...normal stuff to start!

I prefer the subtle 35% tint, and all around not back/front dark/light - darker in the back provides for a "slicker" more "b.a." type look, but also makes it a huge pain in the pooper to back up at night! I have 25% (or was it 20%... I forget) over factory on my SUV and it looks super sweet in the daylight, but I practically need a spotter to back up at night!