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All this voter suppression nonsense is, well, nonsense.

First of all I would hope that no matter what party or ideology you support, you would agree with the idea that voting for a President is an important thing. The decision of who occupies the White House is a big decision, not to be taken lightly.

And if you agree with the idea that it is important, you might also agree that it's important that the integrity of this process is maintained. Steps should be taken to stop any attempts at fraud. After all, if "illegitimate" votes can be cast and counted for your party, guess what, they can be counted for the party you dislike also. Fraud can hurt everyone.

Assuming that most people (even if they are super partisan) can agree that its a good thing to try and stop fraudulent votes cast in favor of ANY candidate from entering the system, then why the big backlash against voter ID laws?

Surely no sane person will argue that if someone has no way to prove they are eligible to vote, that they should just be taken at their word.

I do think they should be given from free pamphlets, and pointed in the right direction to go and talk to this person at this agency to get that sorted out so they can vote. Spoon feed them the plan if needed, free of charge. But, ultimately it's up to them to execute that plan. To suggest they have no personal responsibility to get that in order if they want to be counted is nuts.

I'm sorry, but if you cant manage that, maybe your vote shouldnt count. Nobody is asking you to pass a Mensa test.

People in other parts of the globe are literally DYING in their quest to get the right to vote, and the only thing stopping some people here from voting is not the barrel of a gun, but rather some paperwork they can't be bothered to sort out on their own time?