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Question Repetitive misfire.. Weirdd

Ok so I just finished installing my VRSF downpipes, what a bitch.. lol

Started the car up, idled good. Reset all adaptions and I was on my way.

Let the car warm up and gave it a WOT run and as soon it starting going into boost the whole car started to shutter and the SES light is blinking... Great.

Pulled over reset the car and the shaking went away. Put the car in map 0 and drove it home. It drove a little better but it was hiccuping and stumbling idle. Also the exhaust is verrry poppy.

I put the car back in map 1 and continued to drive and as soon as I hit boost it started shaking again. SES blinking again.

I'm currently installing windows on my macbook so I can scan for codes. But it seems like the car is starving for fuel. I'm thinking injector or lazy HPFP.

This happened once or twice in the past without the Procede hooked up but I let it sit over night and it went away. Haven't had it since. It was always a little stumbly at idle.

I cleaned the intake ports about 20,000 miles ago....

New spark plugs 15,000 miles ago..

Never changed the coils, the car has 99,xxx miles sooo that is possible?

also went moving it around the driveway it was shaking at idle for a little bit then smoothed right out. Then stumbled. Like on and off misfiring...

What do you guys think???

PS I show off the 2 step alot if that puts a strain on anything..