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Having trouble finding gas on the East Coast?

Just wondering, with the aftermath of Sandy, how E9X drivers are coping with the gas shortage, and the tragedy itself. I know the NY city area is an absolute mess, I have many friends who have lost their homes all together in Queens and Staten Island.. Gas lines here are stretching upwards of 10 blocks in many cases. Police are at many stations keeping the peace, and many stations are shut off all together because they're all out of gas, or have no power to pump. What we're being fed, is that it is not a supply issue, it is a delivery issue. Either way, it looks like something out of a movie over here and makes me realize we are WAY too dependent on gasoline, whether using it to power a car or a generator..

What situations have you guys run into on the east coast?

Low quality iPhone pictures, my apologies..

+1 for this lucky E92 driver, wish others could have been as lucky with their homes..

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