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Unhappy I got ticketed for tints in VA. Help me resolve this?

I live in Northern VA.
After about 1 year of getting my windows (Rear, Front and Back) tinted. I got stopped today by a cop for tint ONLY. I was driving down I-95 S and as I was about exit, cop comes out of nowhere and pulls me over.
.I instantly think I know why he stopped me, so I roll down all my windows (mind you it's a little chilly outside."
Cop: "The reason I stopped you is because your windows look real dark." He uses the little red tint machine and measures it. Sure enough, it's lower than permitted. He writes me a ticket.

I love my tints. I understand the law but I don't have them on to conceal anything from the officers.
What can I do about this? Anybody that can give a fellow e90poster some advice?