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Originally Posted by gjimmy View Post
Alright, here is what I have found with some pictures which may help.

I am referring to the box in my trunk as the MULF, which I think is correct, but it is entirely possible that I don't know what I am talking about and therefore it may be a TCU instead.

I have:

• a picture of what I found behind my glovebox.

• 2 pics of the MULF (?) unit in my trunk. (sorry for the poor quality)

• 2 pics of the wiring setup on the connector going to the MULF (with no mic wires)

Please have a look and see if this makes any sense to anyone.

Also, even though I do not have a BT antenna i had my iPhone in my car up by my center console and it was paired just fine and I could find the contacts. I would have made a test call but knew that the other person wouldn't be able to had me.
you have a MULF2 high from the pic. can't tell the version as the exact model is on the side of the module. but since you mentioned you have voice control, it probably is a MULF2-High SVS

your wiring is kinda weird. the MULF is supposed to control the voice control but the mic is not wired to there. reading through the BMW WDS information, for cars that has a CCC, the mic may be connected to the CCC instead of MULF. you may want to remove your radio and see if the mic wiring goes to there.

quoted from BMW WDS
Components connected to the Car Communication Computer (CCC)

MOST framework
Loudspeakers (not with Top HiFi system)
Central Information Display (CID)
Radio aerial
GPS aerials
Video input

now the question is whether you will need another mic installed. if the existing mic is indeed wired to the CCC, then if you run a new mic wiring and connect to this mic, would your voice control still work? or if you install a new mic which is wired to the MULF, will it affect the existing voice control?

if you do not mind throwing in the $30 to $50 for the new mic and wiring, you could test it out and see how it goes. guess it's more about trial and error from now onwards.

update : your mic should be connected to the CCC. look at this thread and download the first attached PDF file. it shows how the mic is wired to the CCC. the post also shows the guy having 2 mics (one original and one from the CCC retrofit). so I guess you will need to run the new mic wiring and get another mic for the BT phone to work.

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