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Ahh not a bad idea! Unfortunately, having just moved, my spare computer parts bin has just gone from chock full to bone dry. Anyway, it seems that normal 100mil headers fit just fine if the edges are filed down a bit. It's not directional, but plugging it in backwords won't do anything but make the mic not work (it won't break it) and I should be able to keep track well enough anyway.

Re gjimmy's car: He does have a MULF2 High basis, same as me. He said that his voice control as of this coding is broken, so presumably the system has handed voice input off to the MULF, but obviously without wiring it's not functional.

I imagine we can try with some dummy wiring just to make sure we don't wast time, but I'll probably just do the same wiring job in his car as mine and leave the old mic pigtail hanging.