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Originally Posted by Bubajay
Well just for comparison, Dwyane Wade is donating his salary from tonight's game to the relief effort. He makes $210,000 a game. I think for a big time athlete like him, he could've easily donated $1mil, but $210,000 is pretty generous from one person, contrary to other celebrity donations. However, how can a company as big as BMW "only" donate $1mil? That's a cheap publicity gesture. The BMW brand gets more support from public, and they don't even see a dent in the wallet. I'm not saying they HAVE to see a dent in their wallet because at the end of the day they are donating, but how much can $1mil honestly do? SMH
This is insane.

DW is an individual who can do what he pleases with his income.

BMW is a corporation with shareholders. If BMW has gobs of cash lying around that it can't invest above it's cost of capital, then it should return that cash to its shareholders who can then make the personal decision as to to spend (or donate) it.

IMHO, BMW should be helpful, eg. offer employee donation matching, loan modification through BMWFS for affected clients, etc. But BMW shouldn't be in the business of taking shareholder money and giving it away - no matter how worthy the cause. If shareholders wanted BMW to donate their money to charity, they should just sell the stock and donate themselves.

In the meantime, I suggest you laud both BMW and DW (or really anyone) for being charitable... Not criticizing the size of the donation.