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It's normal in the sense that a lot of people are experiencing this type of vibration at idle without any other problems to the car. Using a OBD reader, RPM's will settle at exactly 660 RPM when warm and is when the vibration will start and go away with just a little of throttle.

The issue with "vibrating" is that it's subjective and differs from person to person and the first thing people are going to recommend you do is check MAF sensor, the air intake and the spark plugs but chances are that's not going to fix anything.

What I'm experiencing is probably the same as you. Sometimes when you're at idle or at a red light, the RPM won't even drop to 660 RPM, it'll stay around 750 where there is no vibration. It's definitely an annoyance but something you just learn to accept if there no other problems with your car.