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Originally Posted by Mandy Gong View Post
The service rep said BMW doesn't replace the heads anymore and they have a new solution. I have no idea what they did because I picked it up after hours and they are yet to send my receipt to me.
Originally Posted by Bash328I View Post
I finally got a appointment with BMW Des Moines for friday..Iplan on reading all the 103 pages and copy relavent pages and show it to them..Hopefully i will get the head replacement..the SA was awesome last time i had a problem hopefully the same level of service continues...
Originally Posted by cpe90 View Post
Hopefully this is will help everyone in the same shoes.

I have Sedan E90 2008 and a week prior to my warranty expired as others suggested in this thread, I took it to the dealership and they fixed it without any questions.
So far the car is running well without any ticking. Knock on wood!

All I did was showing the video to my SA that I took with my iPhone that shows the ticking noise, a reference to this thread on the email and also the TSB number.
I'm not sure if they replaced the lifters or the head or both. I can go back check the receipt and update you guys if someone needs it.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for everyone that's contributing to this thread.
It was very helpful to get it fixed (in my case).

Good day!
Originally Posted by Snyperx View Post
It really upsets me that us out of warranty guys are just plain out of luck. You would think BMW would want to make things right. I know I will heavily consider getting a BMW again knowing what I know now.

UPDATE: Dealer just called me. He stated he talked with BMW NA and they are willing to cover half the cost of the original $2134 for the new lifters. In talking with the SA I asked why part 11-33-7-631-589 can't be found anywhere. He stated that it is the latest fix for the lifter tick and actually replaces the cylinder head solution. Hope this helps folks.
Originally Posted by kevinM1971 View Post
so what could be possible solutions to this problem?
Originally Posted by sunny View Post
i had my lifters replaced when I was under warranty and after 6month when I was out of warranty the ticking noise came back.

than the dealer replaced the head under warranty even when I was 5 month out of warranty only because I reported it while under warrrnty.
the engine sounds completely different in better way, it just sounds much tighter.

all you guys, report it as soon as possible if you're under any type of warranty.
Originally Posted by martinlag View Post
I had my lifters changed last year and just got the rockers changed yesterday. So far so good. SA told me that if it ticks again, out comes the head. Let's see what happens.
Originally Posted by othomasjr View Post
I just got my car back and it doesn't tick anymore, but the damn thing nearly sounds like a diesel. It's hard to describe the sound, but it's loud.
Any ideas what this could be??
The service rep said BMW doesn't replace the heads anymore and they have a new solution. I have no idea what they did because I picked it up after hours and they are yet to send my receipt to me.
Originally Posted by othomasjr View Post
I finally got my receipt and it says the drag levers were replaced. Can anyone help me with this? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I took the car in for a new head (lifters were replaced previously) and they ended up replacing the drag levers and telling me this is the new fix. I'm really confused now and this dealer service department is notoriously impossible to deal with. Frankly, they suck. Anyway, at this point I just wish I had left the car alone because the ticking was better than my car sounding like a diesel.
Originally Posted by Snyperx View Post
The only thing is that the gentleman that called me back stated that there is some wear present. Maybe that is normal, but concerned me non the less.
Originally Posted by Snyperx View Post
Here is the parts list that was supplied to me from the dealer to fix my lifters:

2006 BMW Lifter Prts List

Part Number Part Description Quantity Part Price
11-12-7-535-024 TORX BOLT x15 $15.00
11-12-7-581-215 PROFILE-GASKET x1 $25.02
11-12-0-409-288 SET OF ALU. SCREWS x1 $27.08
11-36-7-524-954 COLLAR SCREW x2 $5.80
11-33-7-605-330 ALIGNMENT ELEMENT x12 $115.44
11-33-7-631-589 ROLLER DRAG LEVER x12 $137.88

NOTE: The prices are based on what Tisher sells them for. Also I could not find part # 11-33-7-631-589.

UPDATE: Heard back from my dealer. The 11-33-7-631-589 is an updated part that apparently fixes the lifter tick. Only problem is I can not find it for purchase from outside my dealer. RealOEM does not have the part listed.
For me it was the new head. From some of the posts above it looks like BMW is now replacing the rockers.

If someone has anything new on the rockers it would help, such as a new TSB where the rockers are replaced. That looks like the new avenue BMW is taking, as replacing the head was my solution, and is very costly to BMW.

It looks like BMW is still trying the cheap way out of this issue.

Those with the latest solution via the new rockers should help as that is the most recent news. Good luck going forward.

At this time the latest posts with the issue can help. Maybe those with the latest fix can do a follow up, or post the invoice. If out of warranty/CPO then I would wait till to see if the rocker solution is a real fix. Again good luck going forward.

It is very confusing at this time with the new information coming out.
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