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Originally Posted by guru_method
Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
These are actually only $1600-$1700 new fyi, if you know where to buy it from... Maybe $1800 shipped from taiwan or so. Brand new.
No they don't, maybe in your side of the hemisphere. In AMERICA the MSRP is $2,195 and a MAP (lowest they can be sold) pricing of $1,850, and they don't include shipping.

Before you contaminated my thread you should have informed yourself better. Read the posts, these also have the optional SWIFT Springs, which cost a lot of money ($350) and they are basically brand new.
Sorry, but i know that multiple retailers here have organized direct shipment to America from taiwan - instead of shipment to australia

But sorry, didn't read the swift part - still stands that they can be had (minus swift springs) for the mentioned price

And used is used