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Lighting question - Taillights (and brakelights?)

OK here is another lighting question which you may think I am obsessed with lighting. (Yes, I can confirm that I am. )

A little help is needed here too - are taillights and brakelights to be the same thing? I always assumed they were. I seen a pic from High Performance Bulbs where the BMW E90/E92 taillights are white. I always thought that they are supposed to be red. If the taillights and brakelights are seperate light entities in the same housing, then I would be looking for a red LED solution too for the brake lights. If they are not, then I believe by law I must have a red solution.

I am thinking of replacing the taillights for my 2009 E92 X-Drive with the following - if it is available from these manufacturers that I know of. I want something that is bright, but I do not want my lights blinding other drivers.

High Performance Bulbs - confirmed they have a taillight solution for my E92
Underground Euros - unconfirmed for my E92
Lux 8 - unconfirmed for my E92

I have a few of High Performance Bulbs products and have always been pleased with the results.

I should also ask - if I replace the taillight (and brakelight?), how easy or difficult would it be to access the lights for replacement?

Thanks everyone in advance for your input.
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