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Originally Posted by Rickster311 View Post
It's truly a disappointment to see so many members here unhappy with a million dollar donation. While damage is in the billions, it's incredible that BMW and MB donated a million each to the RED CROSS.

another thing to take into consideration, a million wont bring a building back that was ruined, but that child, mother, and father that now have clean water and food which that "only one million" donation funded, will appreciate EACH AND EVERY PENNY.

Before we point the finger saying "they could have done more" ask yourself, "did I do anything to help those affected by Sandy?"
Originally Posted by BMWBoss View Post
I think it's pathetic and frankly disgusting that so many members thing $1 MM "isn't enough". Are you kidding me?? You guys all sound so ungrateful. I live in NJ and see first hand the damage the hurricane caused, and I can truly say $1MM will go an incredibly long way. BMW didn't have to give anything, and the fact they did is truly generous (regardless whether it lowers their taxable income and gives them positive publicity). All the people in the forum bashing BMW's donation, I'd like to know how many of you donated?

As a NJ resident I'd like to say THANK YOU BMW!! The money will certainly go a long way, and help us get back to normal.
For some reason, people seem to think that companies, corporations or individuals have the responsibility to donate a large sum of their profit or worth.

If you look at the overall damage that Sandy did, yes, $1 million is nothing but it's what the $1 million is going to do for the people - that's what's important and that sum is going to do a lot for a many people so I don't know why people are saying "only 1 million?".