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Originally Posted by bmwforme View Post
What you guys must understand also is how much these companies have lost also, example: dealerships by me, lost their ENTIRE inventory (lots and garages wen't underwater) new cars, used cars, lease returns, pretty much everything. HUGE blow..

I was actually looking up stats to make your claim wrong.. but it actually supports your argument.. BMW mad 4.X Billion dollars in profit in 2011 while Nissan (Infiniti Parent Company) made 319.X billion dollars in profit... but to each their own..

Offering cars at employee pricing could eventually amount to a nice donation.. depending on the duration of this promotion, being I'm from NY, I can tell you there are a TON of total loses here EVERYWHERE.. I can imagine Jersey and CT being just as bad. just hope they can find gas with their new 3.7s
I won't mention any names, but on Wed., I got an email from a BMW dealership saying that if my car were damaged by Sandy, their repair and body shops are ready to help. Again, I would question the timing. Two other BMW dealerships emailed to say they are closed, no power.

I'll cut to the chase, it would have been nice for Nissan Motor to donate $1 mil. like Toyota, but it's "nice," not obligatory.

btw, have any of you ever seen "employee pricing?" It's cheaper to buy a car by haggling.

Anyhow, my wife's west coast friends just overnighted 5 gal gas cans, so we're going to make some gas runs for the neighborhood. We do what we can.