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Pleasantly surprised and very pleased to see Obama winning the polls. Hoping that the rest of the country thinks along the same line as the members of e90post.

After the mess that we had from 2000 to 2008, don't think we could afford another 4 years of misguided and backward Republican policies. While I can at least see some of the merits in what used to be the core Republican ideals like low taxes, small government etc., don't think I could even consider voting for a party that has allowed itself to get hijacked by religious zealots.

Abortion - really, should this even be one of the keys issues that a major political party bases itself on??? Having a wife who is currently pregnant with our first child and seeing first hand what she is going through, the very notion that old white men think they have a right to dictate and scarier legislate, what women can/cannot do with their bodies is downright disgusting. I fail to see how this is too different from what fundamentalists like the Taliban and other religious radicals are trying to do in their countries to keep women suppressed. Disgusting!

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