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Question about welcome lights not going on upon unlock

Hi, i was wondering if it was normal that after unlocking the car (while the lights are on auto) and the headlights/taillights light up for a few seconds that fade. That after they fade and I try unlocking again that the headlights and taillights will no longer go back on and gradually fade again. The interior still lights up for a bit however, just neither of the exterior ones. I'm currently using the dtec 20w on my e92 for headlights but iirc when using stock bulbs the headlights would light back up after they fade if you press unlock again. Is this normal that it doesn't? Or does it perhaps have something to do with the bulb, although the taillights don't go on after either. If I start the car and try it again then itd work, but if I leave it to fade again then the same thing will happen,