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Originally Posted by critical05 View Post

As you know, I got the koni yellows and eibachs on my e92xi. After an alignment, the front camber is just a tad over -1 degrees, the rears are -2.1. The guy said that he can't adjust the rears any more.

Not sure on what the specs should be but -2 in the rear is possible, camber wise.
Thanks for the info. Mine came out at -1.1 front camber, could not get the pins out so left it there. I set the front toe at zero. Rear w/o adjustment was -2.1 with far too much toe-in. My understanding is you don't want more neg camber rear vs front so I set rears at -1.0 with 1/4 deg total toe in. Have no idea if this is correct but the car looked odd with so much rear and less in front.

One thing I did find out was releasing the control arm bushing and retightening them fully loaded is really important. It went from -1.6 to -2.1 in camber (before final adjustment) and really made the rear feel more planted when driving. It was bouncing around I guess twisting the bushing before that final step. I made some ramps out of 2x6's so I could get under there and tighten the control arm and toe control arm adjustment nuts with the weight on the tires.

I will take it to some pros later to fine tune but this is good enough for a ballpark shade tree alignment.