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Look foward to reading the thread build. Just out of interest are you going to be using a wiring harness, if so which one?

I am waiting to do upgrade mine as well but just finding time is difficult and then now the days are shorter I cant work on mine even after work as its pitch black when i get home

I am totally with you re making your own spacer mdf rings, if i do decide to go down the components route I will be making my own. What thickness mdf will you use? I was maybe thinking 3mm?
Although my upgrade is not big -
I plan to install a JL Xd400 amp in the boot to run logic 7 speakers up front and L7 underseat subs. Then if funds allow upgrade to components - the mounting depth is annoying me as it is limiting my choice.
Do you think it would be possible to squeeze a 5" speaker into the door card with slight modification?

Maybe look to adding another amp run a sub in the boot/custom box build through ski hatch early next year (thats if I can get my cousin to design me one)

Like with the other audio build threads , keep them updated guys as it gives novices like myself some excellent information about different possibilities with upgrades