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i lease/ch two and pcp a third

the lease co are on the V5 as they send the tax disc and happily told Lothian and Borders police that my company leased the car ooops

some insurers are picky, other couldn't careless but, and it can be a big but, if it gets written off and the lease co don't get the full amount from your insurer, i understand (and happy to be corrected) they can ask you for the rest, that is why it is recommend that you have a shortfall policy - name escapes me. similar for HP

don't think it is always a great way to buy a car as you pay their depreciation and can get royally f'cked if you exceed the mileage and the condition is not what they expect.

We had to have one car pre-inspected and sorted at our rates before handing it back and not Lex leasing's repair rates.

i used to HP and return after 50% and have done for years, (WITH NO CREDIT HISTORY PENALTIES) it was only because the rules on capital allowances changed that i haven't done for two recent cars.

good sites are nationwide vehicle contracts - we have a car through them

i wouldn't go to alphabet (bmw) my bmw is through them, not impressed with their definition of a maintenance policy, not worth 100 per month + vat

one car is through new car (who lives in my village) and used to be AUF - Warrington

arval will deal with you and uk car discount appears ok with reasonable discounts and HP/PCP rates. At least it gives you a target price to negotiate with

car manufacturers direct can be worth it to, as can drive the deal