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Rookie at the track with JB4/e85

I purchased my 335i after months of research/changing my mind about what I wanted in a car(335d love the torque, m3 love the v8 and look). I didn't consider the 335i because a person at work told me about his nightmares with the issues he had with his 335i. I was obviously under-informed and I can't be happier with the decision I made.

I was a mechanic(63B) in the ARMY for 7 years and I currently integrate hardware/software on simulators, so the tuning aspect of the N54 motor made me happy

I think I read every article on the internet about mixing e85 and decided to try it out for track night. I drove to Orlando(40 miles), had an 1/8 of 93 in the tank, put 6 gallons of 93 and 2.1 gallons of e85 and put it on map 5.

I arrived at the Orlando Speedway with a buddy that drives a supercharged 90's mustang(runs in the 12's) around 6:00 and it was packed. I've read about launching my car, 2nd gear 2k RPMs, but decided to just have fun and see what times i get in auto. On my first run I look over and my friend is in the lane next to me, I said a little prayer "Please God let me beat Rick so I can talk trash at work for the next 2 months". My hands were sweating and it took me 15 seconds to get the second set light to come on. We take off and he is ahead at first but then I pull away, I turn my head to see him behind me look forward see pitch black so i start to brake. I think I applied the brake for 2 seconds and then the finish light came on. My friends mustang started misfiring during the run and that's why I beat him, but I still have bragging rights!

MPH___98.30_______91.06 <

I will work on my rookie mistakes and look forward to my next track day.