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Originally Posted by SF Space Grey View Post
Hey guys,

Looking for some basic advice from the experts. I've always enjoyed washing my cars and generally know what I'm doing, but I have a new one now, so I'm revamping my methods to make sure I'm taking care of it as well as possible.

Just bought my car CPO from a local dealership. I have no idea what the previous owner did to maintain the paint and interior, so I found a good local guy to do a basic exterior detail for $300 or so. He'll hand wash, clay, polish, and apply a sealant that will give me 6 months to a year of protection. I'm just trying to work out a good maintenance routine that I can do a couple times a month as needed. The big limitation is that I live in an apartment, where storage space is limited (so I need to minimize my total amount of supplies), and with no good place to wash a car (no access to a hose or outlet).

What do you think of the following process? Let me know if I should use different products or methods:

* coin-op spray wash first if very dirty (no brushing or sponging here)
* pre-soak with Optimum Instant Detailer (right product to use?)
* wash panel by panel with ONR, using two bucket method
* blot dry panel by panel with waffle weave microfiber towel
* apply Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical (should this be applied during the drying step to assist drying, or just come after the car is totally dry? should i treat glass and headlights too?)
* clean wheels with ONR and separate sponge / soft brush (I think I need to do this last so I don't have to change out my wash and rinse buckets half way through the whole process... I guess I'll just be careful not to splash dirty water on the paint?)

* dust with damp cloth / spray compressed air where needed
* go over plastic, wood trim, and screens with Meg's Quik Interior Detailer
* use Meg's Rich Leather spray on seats (or is Leatherique Pristine Clean better?)
* clean glass with Stoner's Invisible Glass
* vacuum floor mats (is there something in between vacuuming and a full wet clean?)

I'd really appreciate any thoughts you might have.

I detail cars both as a hobby and as a side job. If you like.... we could meet up next week and I show you what to do. I work in downtown and I live in the Sunset.

PM me.
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