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Camaro ZL1 Transformer Edition??

Has anyone raced one of them? I ran into Black Camaro ZL1...he said something about Transformer Edition and it is supercharged? I couldn't really hear him due to all of my windows were I asked him if it's fast and he replied "very"

Long story short, we did couple pulls 60-whatever, I was in 3rd gear DTC completely off...I spun little bit but once hooked I pulled on him real real bad...I raced Mustang 5.0 before and that thing completely destroyed me (there's no way it was stock) but when I was looking at Motor Trend, ZL1 supposed to be a faster car? Is Camaro ZL1 Transformer Edition somewhat decreased in performance?

Also when you run someone, windows down makes difference? all four of my windows were down...but now I think about it, every roll on rave I saw on GTboard, once they start rolling people always roll up their windows.

Fun run though. And that thing looked AWESOME. I am seriously in love with American cars nowadays...Mustang 5.0 and that Camara ZL1 I saw today was tits!