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Originally Posted by mrmodina562 View Post
I'm looking into the same setup, but I see you're running 225 in the front. How's the clearance? One shop recommended 235 in the front. You think that would fit?
I have conti DWSs, which have kinda rounded and chubby side walls, so I do not think i'd be able to do 235s in the fronts.

my 225/35 fits perfectly, i can probably go a slight lower, but my fenders would get raped on turns (unless i camber a lot more up front), but it'd just depend on what tires you go with.

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Too Low...looks ghetto
Perception on ride height is never the same for anyone, I like it low though =]

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post

The first few pics with your LMs dude... Please tell me the exact spec / tyre size (rear and front), Offsets, Camber? Everything!!

I'm looking for a stance like your first few pics which I can drive on comfortably (already dropped on BC coilovers FYI so just need me so rims and stretched tyres, roll arches) but need your exact specs first tho!

Mad props! One of the Nicest E92s around!
Lol, thanks for so much love man, i dont think my car is that special though haha.

you can find the wheel specs in the OP. tires are 225/35/19s and 265/30/19s! Camber is -1.1 up front, i think around -3.2 now in the rear lol. Nothing i can do unless i get camber plates for the rear.

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I like it!

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dayum... 11's look sick... O_o so how wide of wheels you think could fit on E90/E92 before a widebody kit is needed?
if you take a look at ~XxTeexX~'s car, you will get an idea lol. he has 19x12.5 +27 in the rear O_O_O_O , boss status. He has an amazing stance.


Never low enough.