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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Look foward to reading the thread build. Just out of interest are you going to be using a wiring harness, if so which one?
No, no harness. I'll just run speaker wires from the joint in the OE loom near the front door to the Cleansweep, RCAs from the Cleansweep to the amp, then more speaker wires from the amp back to the speakers. Power wires I'll sort out direct from the battery in the boot,

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
I am totally with you re making your own spacer mdf rings, if i do decide to go down the components route I will be making my own. What thickness mdf will you use? I was maybe thinking 3mm?
I would think 3mm will be too thin - I have a sheet of 6mm and I'm hoping that will be about enough. I'm not sure how long the threads are on the OE speaker mounting bolts, I may be able to use 9 or 12mm which would be better.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Do you think it would be possible to squeeze a 5" speaker into the door card with slight modification?
I wondered the same - I think you could probably get away with the diameter, it's the mounting depth that's going to be an issue.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Like with the other audio build threads , keep them updated guys as it gives novices like myself some excellent information about different possibilities with upgrades
It's a pet hate of mine, if I'm desperately looking for an answer on the internet, to find a forum thread by someone who had the exact same issue and never came back with an answer. I'll be back

Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
Deffo interested in this build!

Parapaul, how much did this little lot cost?
A lot less than some others!

Comps 100
Subs 100 each
Adaptors 20 each
Amp 170
Cleansweep 180
Wires etc 40

So 750 give or take... easily the most I've spent on any install, and I've done quite a few!

The other option was to recode the HU, do without the Cleansweep and use a JL amp. That was 100ish for coding and a smidge over 200 for the smallest JL amp, the JX360/4 - which TBH I didn't feel was powerful enough to drive the subs properly, it was only 70WRMS per channel, and the subs are rated at 100.
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