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Originally Posted by bman5150 View Post
I'm considering a demo 335i sedan with low miles. I have been actively seeking a 2011 instead of a 2010 because I am assuming with the n55 the HPFP issues are not very common and there is no "waste gate rattle" or turbo issues. I also definitely like the navigation screen upgrade that occurred in 2011! Is my logic right though on the turbo issues and HPFP?

How reliable has the n55 engine in general been?

It's also going to be an automatic. I've drive a 2011 335xi AT and liked it a lot. How reliable is the 6AT?

Any other issues I should be aware of on a 2011 335i AT sedan?

I also test drove a 2010 S4 and that car but its a little pricer and I'm not interested in a 1st year run for any car. 2011 S4s are not too common in the marketplace now, and they are pushing upper $40's. also, back seat room was better in the 335i and yes....steering feel was better too in the bimmer. I think the 335i is the right car for me.

Would really appreciate advice/things I should be aware of with any 2011 335i sedan (auto, premium, cold weather package, nav, sport pkg)

You get what you pay for. I agree about the steering feel but thats as far as I go. The S4 was more $ than my 335 (discounted it about $8,000) so I took it...big error.My 335 e92 has been brutal. Can't depend on it. In the last 4000 kms ive had radio replaced, hvac fan, replaced , 3 injectors and plugs replaced, steering hoses replaced, steering pump replaced, steering rack replaced and 3 more injectors and plugs replaced along with various bulbs etc. HPFP has been done and suspension is starting to creak. Great fun to drive but as soon as I get get rid of this and go back to Audi the better.