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Originally Posted by bman5150 View Post
Yikes! But I see you have a 2009.

The s4 is not without its flaws from what I've researched. The 2010s had more issues though than the 2011-12s. Many people intermittently complain about how the STronic auto trans acts a little funky sometimes but I can't say I've read about a trans failure or any major engine issues with the 2011+ s4s. So, mane your right!

If there were more of a selection available, I'd probably be more inclined to seriously consider the s4. It was definitely a "special" car compared to the 335i, but its also more money so there you go.
I wasnt too fond of the s-tronic buts its WAY quicker than steptronic. Trouble here is that 09 335 was a 5 year old car and S4 was new. If BMW fixes the x drive (lower sport susp etc) on new 335 then it will be better than S4....until next S4 etc etc. Ive had 5 Audis and never had a serious or recurring problem . Every manuf has issues but this is the first car that has given me this much grief. I can;t wait to get a new S4.