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Just did this!

Just wanted to thank ENINTY for posting this. I looked all over the net for instructions and these are absolutely the best.
The instructions were spot on.

This is definitely not a PITA job.
I never work on my car myself, but I was able to do this.

In the end, I didn't replace the motor, I took it into my house and sprayed some WD-40 like lubricant on the moving parts.

The only difficulty I encountered was what "int2str" mentioned about the little air duct piece that comes out from the center console area (it attaches to the longer piece that ENINTY describes as having the 3 feed holes that blow air out into the foot well).

Taking out the longer duct pieces wasn't a problem, but you do need to wrangle it out. I was afraid of breaking something, but you can pull on it a bit without destroying anything (there are no tabs or anything that might bend or break).

When replacing it, put the longer duct piece in FIRST. It will snap into place. THEN, wedge in the little duct piece and it will snap into the longer duct piece a lot easier.

I tried doing it the other way (small piece in first, then trying to wedge in the longer piece) and the longer piece kept being off and twisted just enought that nothing was snapping into place.

As for the big tab on the motor which you need to pull down in order to twist the motor out, luckily mine didn't break and snap off. I don't know if it was luck or me just being really careful.