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Cool steering wheel but i wonder about the lap timer and 1/4 mile timer i think they are just that timers.
The lap timer start and stop when you press a button and 1/4 mile timer starts when the lights turns green but on a real dragstrip the race starts at green but the timing starts only when the car starts rolling.

It would be cool if the timers would use GPS to time laps ,sections and diffrent distances(as 1/4 mile),speed,G-forces etc and BMW could integrate that in the navigation display.
And additions to that show diffrent temperatures,pressures etc.
The Nissan GTR have something similar to that although i don't know how it measures lap times and such.

But i guess they need a much more accurate GPS unit like a Racelogic or Race technology for it to be really usefull but it would be cool if they make it standard or an option especially for the next M3/M4.