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Originally Posted by gjimmy View Post
Thanks for the info. I would prefer to use the existing mic even if it compromises the use of Voice Control, as I have found it to be useless and never use it anyway. It is more trouble to say commands than to just press a button in my experience.

I am hoping I can just run the wires from the MULF to the existing mic and be done with it. Luckily I have an electrical engineer on my side in Alex.

It seems I have one of the more strange setups and if I can get the bluetooth to work I will feel like I won! I can't let the car win.
the BT retrofit does come with voice control for phone dialing as well. for all you know, voice control may work properly again after you ran the new mic wiring. information from BMW did mention that later models of cars with iDrive uses 1 mic instead of 2 for voice control and phone.

the wiring is the easiest part of this retrofit. I would suggest running the wire through the roof rather than the floor so you would need to remove less trim pieces. just make sure that when the wire is run to the FZD, the a-pillar trim is removed and the mic wire run under the airbag. having an old credit card will come in handy as well to tuck the wire through the gaps into the roof liner.