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I am getting misfires on cylinder 2 (P29CE)

hey guys, lately my car was idling rough and a few days ago a silent code appeared on my cobb AP (P29CE) which is a misfire on cylinder 2.

So I ordered new plugs and new coil packs, well on friday night after work I go start the car and it was shaking way to much, the rpms were bouncing up and down and they dipped a little to low and boom the check engine light came on.

I didn't want to drive it home so I left it there and went this morning and changed all the plugs, the plug on cylinder 2 was completely black and had oil on it and on the coil. There was oil in the hole too, so I replaced all of them. Re-set the ECU and cleared the code the the car seemed fine, I could actually drive it home.

I did a few errands and on the way home right now the rpms started dipping a little at red lights but drove fine. There was no check engine light so I plug the cobb AP back in and again code P29CE came back, seems like the same cylinder is misfiring again

Where do I go from here, injectors? I have a feeling its only a matter of time before the new plug gets fouled and the check engine light comes on again and the car becomes undriveable

I did the plugs and coils myself but I don't think I will be able to do injectors, how much do you think this will cost me at a dealer or indy shop?