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I had mine done at sears, I had some gift cards I had to use up.

One thing the tech told me is that BMW recommends to perform the alignment with 250lbs in the car. I saw the tech go over to the fitness section and pull some plate weights and place them on the floor of the car.

He said that since the toe was in spec, the high negative camber in the rear shouldn't effect tire wear too much.

It feels planted in the corners so the camber isn't excessive to effect the driving. I thought the camber in the rear looked excessive, even thought about adjustable lower control arms because even with 15mm spacers in the rear the tires were no longer flush with the wheel well.

I convinced myself that -2 in the rear is fine after doing some more searching. I guess a lot of newer cars have more camber in the rear for performance or is it safety (can't remember) at the expense of some tire wear.

I catch myself looking at other cars rear camber, not the lowered civic out there. I noticed that x3 and x5 have a lot of camber in the rear factory and some of those have bigger meats in the rear than mine, justification that mine is fine.

The tech saw my radar detector and even asked me If I drive aggressive, he said that I'd like the feel, which I do.

According to my sheet for an e92,

Front ;
Camber: -0.1 to -0.8
Toe: -0.05 to 0.12
Total toe: -0.10 to 0.23
Steer ahead: -0.05 to 0.05

Camber: -1.3 to -1.8
Toe: 0.03 to 0.13
Total toe: 0.07 to 0.27
Thrust angle: -0.07 to 0.07