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Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post
it does involve a lot of patience, and I suggest you give it that. Keep at it as per the instructions and it will work. I did it in 15 minutes tops for both headlights. A photo DIY is also welcome. Did you use latex gloves? It prevents your hand from slipping since they tend to get really sweaty quickly. Also you don't wanna get sweat on the bulbs for functional reasons.
unfortunately what we are doing is different. It seems like you have a 335 and most likely have xenon headlights. My headlights are a pain in the ass, not only are they halogen, but they are VALEO Halogens. Here is the problem I am coming across. I posted some pictures in the original post. It does not match up therefore it has nothing to do with patients. I spoke to Marie from ModMy3 and we are looking for a solution as she said nobody has encountered this problem before.