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Originally Posted by AlterZgo View Post
People who don't support "Obamacare", I'd really like to know your thoughts on what we should do if someone, who is healthy, chooses not to buy health insurance and gets into a bad accident or gets cancer or some other costly disease and can't afford to pay.

If some form of universal health care or mandated requirement to buy insurance is not enacted, should we:

1. Allow them to get free healthcare at the E/R (which all of us end up paying for anyway in the form of ever increasing health care costs)
2. Say fuck 'em. They didn't buy health insurance so just let them die.
3. Fill in the blank (I'm really curious about what the third option is. Conservatives love saying how shitty universal health care or the mandatory requirement to buy insurance is, but they have never articulated a viable solution. Please enlighten me.)

By the way, I am not liberal. Libertarian perhaps, but definitely not liberal. Personally, I like option 2. I think people have the right to not buy ANY insurance at all... but, by the same token, they should suffer the full consequences of their stupidity and die.

Since my POV is not practical, I do support the individual mandate concept in Obamacare. Why the fuck should the young and healthy not have health insurance? They could break their leg skateboarding or become a quadriplegic doing a 60-130 run or some other stupid shit that I admittedly did when I was young also. I would want them, or their parents, paying health insurance premiums so they don't get free care.
The fact of the matter is that most people whom don't have health care rarely go to the doctors or hospital unless they are absolutely dying. People with health ins go to the hospital for a cold. It's those that have health care that generally abuse it which is why the premiums are so high. The truth of the matter is your again either make it free for all or leave it as is. Most hospitals have their own private funding that helps those that cannot afford to pay. It doesn't come from the government either.

If anything if the health care is put into affect you will be paying even higher premiums for health ins. And if you think your employer is going to pick up the difference you are nuts.

Somethings are better left alone. How about we deal with all the illegals we have in this country that send all their earned income back to their country.

How about we deal with welfare / section 8 reform first. I met a family they have 4 incomes and claim they only have 1 and the other people are registered at different addresses of friends, the 1 person claims they make low wages while getting welfare assistance section 8 for paying their rent and another program I can't think of the name. They pay nothing for food, nothing for rent, and the people whom live with the 1 person takes home a total house hold income over over 125k a year.

Right now we need to focus on making jobs in the us. Most places are not hiring, why? Because they aren't getting as much business as they were in the past, everything is outsourced for cheaper labor and yet salaries are getting lower but the cost of living is going up it. Companies will always be about the bottom line if I can do it cheaper else where, why not? You need to make it appealing for businesses in order to create jobs.

Again I stand by and say Obama only put union city workers back to work. In the last 20 years I've not seen as much road work as I have seen in the last year.

I lost my job but while I wait for the market to hopefully come back I'll be going back to school to study something else.