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I guess this was somewhat interesting but of course it really falls on the consumer's shoulders. It wouldn't take much research for the to see that they don't need premium.

As someone who has always known what the Octane rating is actually for, I find it funny when people tell me they use premium and they get better gas mileage. What's even more funny is when you try and explain that, actually, no you don't, so stop wasting your money, and then they get argumentative.

I like Marketplace, but shows like this are always a bit over the top. I mean they are asking people who work at a GAS STATION for a living what to put in their car. Those people have no idea, and they spout the same falsehoods that most people believe. They get NO training from the oil companies about what the different grades are. I mean, with the turnover of staff at a place like that it would be almost impossible to actually educate even the staff.

Even their so called "expert" who was running the dyno thought the premium would be better.

I may switch to regular in my 335 for the winter. I can't drive it hard enough to get it to knock anyway with the icy roads.