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Originally Posted by nemith View Post
Agreed. Killing someone on foreign soil without any due process is not something to be......

Okey so that was a lengthy response but I just have a few small rebuttals. So..idk whether romney actually agreed with what you first stated about the car industries so no comment on that.

I do not believe for a second the economy has gotten any better if that's what you were trying to say, gas prices have gone up and each household is now paying more in tax i don't know how anyone can be happy with the past 4 years. However Romney never said he wanted to cut the taxes of the rich, he said he wants to keep them the same and he didn't say he wanted to spend more on military programs, he said he didn't want to cut back on them how Obama wants to do. I believe he said he wanted to cut taxes on small businesses to give them an opportunity to hire more and that fixes part of the middle class problem.

I'm not saying for our president to be an overly aggressive one, which I believe Romney isn't however Obama is just weak. He said nothing about the revolution in Iran to give some support, he bowed to islamic leaders, he's losing our relationship with Israel, what happened in Libya, etc. the list is too long and evidently his foreign policy blows IMO.

And I'm almost certain it was an Embassy unless every headline is wrong and no it isn't made up, fyi is a COMPLETELY biased website willing to say anything to protect their precious president.

If you must compare a president to Romney I'd say the closest president was Reagan, many of their plans are similar. More so, Hoover was in a completely different era, times are much to different to compare. It's just not going to work out if more and more gov jobs are created with all the benefits plus salary they get, it's just too much for the tax payers to handel.

Well the scandal was that Obama used tax payers money to give to Solyndra and under the tabel they gave back some money before they went out to support Obamas campaign. Not too familiar with Tesla except from what I've seen on Top Gear and things didn't look too good for them from their point of view, cars are overpriced not many are going to be sold and they aren't very efficient distance wise I guess.

Even if you do believe Obamacare is such a great idea despite it's ridiculous isn't the time to initiate it, like you said it's expensive we need to conserve at the moment.

Now about republicans being religious nuts..I'm not that religious fyi but from what he says is just, marriage is between a man and a woman and I think that's true and I feel that if you must have an abortion it should be within a early period of time.

And you can't bring companies over seas back here that don't want to come back unless they have some incentive. However that isn't the deal, almost every country has manufacturers in China, it's a global competition or else you'd be paying three or four times as much for your consumer goods as you would be if they were made in China, however 80% of the economy consists of small businesses, not these large manufacturers.

You can't say that what Obama says isn't an exaggeration or a lie either with evidence that he's been lying his whole presidency. Either way the new president shouldn't be the shiniest of two turds, politicians are all liars but I'll take my chances with Romney.