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Hit pothole. Flat tire. Need advice.

Travelling westbound on Highway 1, a few hundred meters before the Kensington exit, I hit a very large and very deep pot hole. It was in the most right lane. Be careful when you travel there!

The front left tire deflated slowly as the car steered itself to the left so I pulled over. The extent of the damage is largely unknown. There is no visual damage to the rim, no cracks, and the tire has no cut or protrusion. It is a Continental DWS (not run-flat). Luckily my brother came and swapped in my winter tire.

My question: do you think the tire is repairable without buying a new one? I'm sure the rim is bent, and needs repair, but I hope the tire can be saved.

Also, is it possible to claim the damage? In this case, since it happened on Highway 1, would it be a provincial (BC) or Municipal (Burnaby) responsibility? I've hit some pot holes in my life time, but this one was by far the worst.. like a black hole.

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