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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
Amini is clueless...
Telling me about the world recognition from his little apartment while I spend 60% of my time in the places he's never heard of, and have seen a strong change since Obama has taken the office.

Ford, GM, others are producing STRONG profits while wre dead 5 years ago.

I clearly said a MAJOR attack, and one Embassy in a totally anarchistic country is the "major" thing now. During Bush era, we were losein DAILY on average more people than under Obama in 4 years!

I am not saying Obama has fixed things, no. And how could he when he has a Congress that just wants to do everything opposite from him. On the other hand, he has started doing many things positive direction, while the guy before him has NOT done a single thing in positive direction. As someone has already said -- do you blame the person who set the fire to your house or the firefighter for not being able to put it out???

Job creation. Did not exist during Bush, especially during the 2006-09 period during and after Bush. 2009-12, it is positive and that is all that matters in the recovery process.

Homes are selling, new homes building.

FEMA today and FEMA during Katrina...don't even go there...

YES, Bush brought us to the brink of another Great Depression, Obama averted it the last minute.

Some people are just ridiculously biased.
HAHAHA I'm clueless? you're an old p.o.s. assuming things about me lol I just shut you down and I'm 18. Regardless of where you've been your mind is closed off to the rest of the world. lol I've been around the world, don't assume things you arrogant bum. Who are you to tell me who I am? You want me to tell you who you are? You're some bozo who made the mistake of buying a 335is instead of an m3 when you just had to pay a couple grand more for everything better. Someone who has too much time on there hands and no where else to go brag about how you "spend 60%" of your time places I apparently haven't heard of..where's that 60%..what part of the internet are you looking at that I haven't heart of? You sound like a kid in you're arguments so that makes me wonder how mature you are for your age. Regardless what you reply, you've made yourself a fool as it is so stop talking crap, bum.

Yea they were dead because they make shit cars and they can't compete with the rest of the market..they're failing companies they're bound to die.

Actually 2 embassies and at least Bush has some balls and didn't apologize like your boy, Obama. Okey that's what happens in flash, but you're supposed to stand up for your country, which obama fails at.

Okey lets get a Republican president in so work can actually get done?? And hey great firefighters can save a few from the flames. buuutt it just seemed like he added fuel to the fire so what's your argument there bud? just full of excuses I see.

Really? So why is that under obamas presidency the unemployment rate is getting greater and greater and greater year after year? His unemployment rate peaked at 10% while bushes at just 5.8%

Unemployment has been at an all time high since right before Reagan stepped in, I'd assume you'd know something about something and the similarities between Romney and Reagan and notice a pattern but no...I guess you're right..some people really are biased, like 80% of the news media, you know? The 80% you only listen to?