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Help... Loud clicking noise when turning

Hi all... My car has just started to make a loud click noise when making turns at slow speed. This just started yesterday, and it seems like it has gotten worse today. After reading all the threads on 'clicking noises' associated with steering, I'm starting to get a little (ok, a lot!) worried. I've been driving the car for the past few hours and have consistently been able to replicate the noise. Here's what I've observed:

- A single loud 'clicking' or 'cracking' noise occurs when the steering wheel reaches exactly 270 degrees, when turning right at slow speed (like turning onto a driveway or into the garage).
- A series or similar clicks/cracks occurs around the steering wheel's 360 degree region, if I continue into the right turn.
- Noise does not occur as frequently when turning left, and has only happened once or twice.
- The click seems to happen not only when turning while on completely flat and smooth surfaces, but also happens at the same moment the car hits bumps in the ground while I am turning.
- Click also happens when turning while driving downwards from an inclined driveway onto the road, or when turning while driving upwards from the road onto an inclined driveway.
- Here's the interesting one. I park the car and let it sit for a while (say 5 minutes). Then I shift to reverse, and the same moment I lift my foot off the brake and the car starts to move, one single loud click is heard. This only happens after the car sits for a bit. If I stop, shift from D to R, and immediately reverse, it doesn't happen.
- I can turn lock to lock while stationary, and everything is 100% silent.
- Click sounds like it's a noise made by metal rubbing on metal, or metal 'slipping' off another metal surface.
- Click can be felt in the steering wheel.

I hope I've been detailed enough. Could anyone give me some ideas as to what may be causing this? I really hope it's not something like a bad steering column... Please help...