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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
How will you ever know??????? This thread is hilarious. Butt dynos right?
I'm with 335BBS. Part of my business is rebuilding engines, granted they are huge diesel engines that power bulldozers but the valves get buildup up just the same.They ALL do. The chemical flush, while not a complete joke, doesn't really do all that much unless you're gonna go through the same process of cleaning them up just like you would with walnut shells after. It just softens the build up. The only way to really clean a valve is to pull the head and then pull the valves to blast them or wire wheel them. Then they really should be "seated" again so the sit properly.You can get away pulling the manifold and taping everything off to keep bits from getting down in the engine while you're working.But you're really only getting the carbon that is at the top of the valve. Thats a LOT of work to do for that kind of money.So I doubt the job is being done properly. If it is a flush and it makes you feel better...go for it. Bottom line is that EVERY car has buildup on the valves. Yes the DI engines have shown to be worse with build up, but it would take a LONG time before you could notice any performance problems if at all....Butt

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