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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
He doesn't want to increase military spending, just keep it as it is. Obama wants to lower the spending, that's a common misconception of a part of his plan.

IMO gays do it worse by forcing it onto the public through gay pride parades making out on the streets, demonstrating in front of Chic-fil-A by groping each other (seen it ughh..), demanding gay marriage to be taught early in school to naive kids, all in all it isn't natural but if you must...please please keep it to themselves. I, and a lot of republicans, believe that if there's a need for abortion, it should be done as early as possible (not a few months in) because you know, rape and what not :/ and you don't want a to bring a child in you can't raise so let it be done early. And the death penalty..well have you heard of that one USC football player back in the 80s I believe whose house was broken into, his mother murdered, and his sister raped then murdered? Telling me THIS barbarian deserves to live? He's on death row STILL along with ~3000 or so people and many just like him..

Honestly IMO I feel republicans are more so logic and future planning while democrats are feelings and quick fixes, as insulting as that sounds..that's IN MY OPINION.
If you have a penis and not a vagina please stfu about abortion, that goes for all other republicans. A womens body is her business and she can do wtf she wants with it. Please keep the moral talk bs to your selves because show me a republican that is against abortion, I ll show you a republican that would have his daughter have an abortion if she was raped or got peragnant by her boyfriend that happened to be a black man in a heart beat. Regarding military spending... It's time to stop making enemy's over seas, bring our troops home and let's build this country within and secure her borders within. I have lost friends in the military, ask their parents, kids and wife's what they rathered had a year ago... Troops in Iraq or having them back at home. While your at it, why don't you go to Iraq and find the WMDs that your party was so eager to find and send thousands of young men and women to ther deaths.
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