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Romney stated that Obama is pushing for revenge voting, the republican media jumped all over it as if this is news...I didn't mind what Obama said at all. In fact I was already voting for revenge before Obama even said it. I'm voting to spit in the face of a hypocritical, jacka**, filibuster-happy congress that has done nothing but throw the American people under the bus in an attempt to regain power. These hypocrites (including Paul Ryan) wrote a blank check to Bush for 8 years but conveniently got "conservative" when they lost. I'm voting for revenge because of Republicans suddenly trying to pass voter ID laws and kill early voting to obviously suppress the vote. I'm voting for revenge of the GOP trying to buy an election with the Citizens United crap. I don't want to see their actions of the last 3+ years rewarded with the presidency because it will do nothing but encourage these fools to keep trying these tactics in the future. Mitt Romney talks about voting for love of country? Well I see no love of country from the GOP. I see nothing but contempt and I've grown sick of the birther talks they've fed into, the ignorance they spout, and the blatant obstructionism.

I don't like Mitt Romney and I don't trust him. He strikes me as a guy who feels he's entitled and wants to be president not to help people or this country, but to have a legacy. And he has shown time and time again that he will abandon all principles and integrity to get what he wants. He's been shape-shifting himself for the last 6-7 years for this moment. I believe the man stands for nothing but his own ambition and I would take much pleasure in seeing him fail. His economic policies are the same old crap we've seen the last 30 years. Reagan cut taxes, had no revenue to pay for it and put it on the govt credit card. Bush? More tax cuts, no revenue to pay for it, put it on the govt credit card. Romney wants to continue down the same path on steroids. Ask him or Paul Ryan to do the math to make their plans work? You hear crickets.More of the same BS of the last 30 years and people still want more. It's amazing to me.
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