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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
I honestly don't understand the Republican platform, it seems borderline irrational to me. How can you bang on about small government when you insist on increasing military sending and denying people the right to choose?

I certainly believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but that doesn't mean I'm going to impose my belief's on somebody else. If my neighbor wants to marry someone of the same sex, who cares? That's their decision. I have serious moral reservations when it come to abortions. Nevertheless, there is no widespread consensus on when life begins, so I don't get to decide for everybody. Lastly, I don't get how you can be so passionately protect a featus, but be for the death penalty. What gives a judicial body the right to decide who dies? It's barbaric.
+1.. I think the GOP always had serious moral hypocrisy. It's probably at its worst now.. The government has no business instructing citizens in matters of social choice in the name of religion or anything else.. It's anti-secular and anti-democratic.