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Originally Posted by cuiter23
Nice upgrade and hope that you are liking your new car! Although this is my first car, I have driven my mom's Toyota Sienna quite a few times before getting my own car. Now when I go back to driving the Sienna, its like a nightmare. I have no confidence under the wheel of that car, steering is vague, power is non-existent, and brakes are very loose.

When I go back to driving my dads X5 and my own car, it is night and day. I personally do not think you can compare them in terms of overall performance and comfort. The Japanese definitely cannot beat the Germans in terms of refinement. The civic may be more reliable (not necessarily) and more fuel efficient, lower running costs etc, but trust me, you will have a much more enjoyable time with your e90.
I agree with you, I drove an 08 maxima for some time and then one day I test drove my uncle's e46 m3 and a few 335i and the handling is like night and day. Now I'm in search of a 335i, don't really think I can go back to a Japanese car, I love that heavy steering.