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Originally Posted by Solonng View Post
You're funny, let me simplify it for you even more. If you BMW gets 26 mpg and your wife gets 30 mpg, your combined mpg for the family is 28 mpg not 4 mpg as you'd stated. I'll give you a nice big hug since you think that i'm starting calling you name even though it is an observation. LOL, you guys make me laugh so hard, thx for the entertainment
I thought it was pretty straightforward, but it appears I need to clarify it:
(1) I didn't say anything about combined MPG. I stated the difference in MPG between an "economy" car and my 328i.
(2) You started the name calling by calling us liberals hypocrites.

Please save your hugs for your fellow conservatives. You are going to need to support each other after you lose on Tuesday.

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